Ecoluxury, a new type of sustainable tourism in Burgundy

Château de la Resle has engaged in an ecological transition scheme over the last few years. This way we want to show that luxury and sustainable tourism in Burgundy go hand in hand. We all have the possibility to participate in a positive way to save the planet. It is just a question of making small changes and different choices every day. At Château de la Resle we want to put this simple idea in practice and inspire people to do the same.

We talk about sustainability very often and have had discussions with our guests on many occasions. In order to learn more about our views on Ecoluxury we have written down our thoughts and goals.

sustainable tourism in Burgundy

A changing world

The world is changing rapidly, but it is realistic to say that we are not moving in the right direction. Politicians use populism as a tool to gather votes from unsatisfied people. However, they do not present true solutions to improve their situation or take negative sentiments away. World leaders seem to be more interested in satisfying their own ego, not the public interest they are supposed to serve.


A changing climate

Although some people still deny climate change, we are confronted with its devastating impact on a daily basis. Climate change is no longer just a news item about a random country on the other side of the world. It is there and it is deteriorating rapidly. Some people still don’t believe we as human beings have caused our planet to suffer tremendously from our presence and behaviour. This is probably because they are reluctant to accept the fundamental changes needed to save the planet and be worthy of living on it.

Each and every person on this planet has its own responsibility and it is far too easy to blame politicians or large companies. It is not true that our efforts are meaningless compared to the scope of their decisions. Our own behaviour does count and our choices as consumers count just as much as our vote in any election.

However, most consumers still believe that consuming more is a sign of success and will improve their lives. Unfortunately the highest priority for many people is still a new car, the latest Iphone or planning several vacations in one year. Sometimes it’s not even about these planned purchases, but every-day consumption decisions that seem to be taken thoughtlessly. Treating waste, using resources unnecessarily, buying takeaway snacks with single use packaging and eating meat on a daily basis.


Positive change

Fortunately enough a severe crisis like the one we are currently experiencing is also the starting point of new ideas and innovations. Creative and committed people with brilliant ideas see an ocean of opportunities that have already started to contribute to a better world. New technologies enable us to consume fewer natural resources. Innovative solutions contribute to solving problems we as human beings have created.

Passionate people put all their effort and intelligence in studying and protecting endangered species or fragile nature. Others inspire us to use new distribution channels or eat in a more responsible way. One thing we know for sure is that each and every individual on this planet has to fundamentally change its attitude. A better way of interacting with the planet has to be the new norm. It is reassuring to see that we as human beings are very flexible and adapt rapidly to new situations.  Who can still imagine to be on an airplane where you where allowed to smoke? In the same way we will find it hard to believe in 10 years time that it was once normal to eat meat every day or have more than one car per family.

Although change is urgent, we are still in a position to approach change proactively and consider it a challenge and opportunity rather than something imposed by nature following a worldwide catastrophe.


Sustainable tourism = more comfort and satisfaction

We have to accept the fact that change is inevitable and that it will impact our daily lives. Only then we can start to realise that it is also our best guarantee for satisfaction and happiness. Contrary to what many people think, changing our consumption pattern is not at all equal to less pleasure and comfort.

When first launched, LED light was worse than a neon and definitely not something you wanted in your living room or above your dinner table. Now that it can produce all the colours we can possibly imagine in different intensities, we are not only saving energy but also enjoying light more than ever.

The same will be true for transportation, architecture, vacations, agriculture, food and all the elements that compose our economy and civilisation. In addition to the improved benefits of better products and solutions for devastating human behaviour, we will be able to obtain much more satisfaction. Simply because we will know that they do not have a negative impact on the environment.


Back to us

At Château de la Resle we do not only want to promote sustainable tourism in Burgundy. We also want to show that a short eco break does not involve any compromise on beauty and comfort. This is what Ecoluxury is all about.


A few examples of what we do to be more sustainable and things we propose to improve your experience:

Our most recent renovations use the best possible isolation, locally produced double glass windows and an ecological heating system.

Our sauna and steam bath are not turned on all day but we do offer a private use.

We recently purchased electrical bicycles that can be rented for the day. This way you you can leave your car at the Château.

When we cook dinner for our guests we use very little fish or meat. We want to show the great potential of vegetables and inspire people to cook in a similar way at home too.

We have put together itineraries for long walks and shorter runs. A list is available with our favourite organic wineries and food producers.

There is a small shop on site with sustainable design items and recycled vintage and antiques.

You can enjoy massages and private yoga sessions.

Our room amenities are organic and so is most of our breakfast offering and drinks menu.

There are no individual mini bars in all rooms but an honesty bar with a wide selection of drinks.

We only use LED bulbs and organic cleaning products.

Sustainable tourism in Burgundy